Good muscle health is essential for a leading a healthy life as muscles are important for functions like maintaining body posture and position, lifting of objects, and activities like running, cycling, swimming. In fact, the interplay of muscle mass and fat mass in our body determines the overall metabolic health of an individual.

Dr Nandan Joshi, head, nutrition science & medical affairs, Danone India explains that good muscle health is a combination of good muscle mass, strength and endurance. A diet deficient in protein can accelerate the wear and tear of muscles, therefore it is important to replenish your protein levels daily. An average adult needs approximately 55g of protein daily.
Consuming quality protein in adequate amount is very important. For example, vegetarian sources of protein have lower quantity of one of these amino acids – lysine, threonine or methionine, and it is important to eat certain foods in combination to get all essential amino acids.

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