Colourful wigs, bright clothes and the atypical clown nose coupled with a wide, infectious smile are not something usually associated with a hospital. But a group of people dressed up exactly like that are cheering up gloomy hospital wards, helping patients laugh and heal, one joke at a time.

Anu, a patient at Delhi’s Apollo Hospitals, had an excruciating stomach ache. “She had been crying all day,” said the young girl’s mother. All it took to bring back Anu’s lost smile was a look at the clown peeping at her from the door of her ward and the hit song Pyaar Hua Iqraar Hua. “I have been in unbearable pain which is why I cried. I wish you could come every day; I miss you,” Anu tells Sheetal Agarwal.

Similarly, Muskan giggles away forgetting her pain as she plays and goofs around, despite being restricted to her bed, with Agarwal at the Chacha Nehru Baal Chikitsalaya. “Doctors said it was difficult for her to make it. But a little hope helped her go a long way. She got better and walked back home,” said Agarwal, who said they are usually not told about the ailment that the patient is suffering from.

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